The 10th Guangzhou International Prefabricated Housing, Modular Building, Mobile Housing and Space Exhibition (PMMHF2020)
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①Association of Asian Building Technology Alliances

②Integrated Building Committee, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)

③Green prefabricated farm house industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

④Guangdong Steel Structure Association

⑤Guangdong Construction Project Green and prefabricated Development Association

⑥Prefabricated Building Branch of Guangdong Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association

⑦Guangzhou Construction Industry Federation

⑧Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co. LTD


①Architectural Industrialization Branch of China Survey and Design Association

②China Building Standards Design and Research Institute

③National Association of Magnesite industry

④China Association of Business Economics Fast Wear Industry Branch

⑤China Golden Plate Real estate Development Industry Alliance

⑥China regional Tourism Industry Development Alliance

⑦China prefabricated building Network

⑧Guangdong Construction Daily

⑨Guangdong Wall Material Industry Association

⑩Guangdong Green Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Promotion Association


①Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center of ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

②Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

③Shenzhen Architecture Industrialization Association

④Shenzhen Green Building Association

⑤Foshan Shunde District Engineering Survey and Design Consulting Association

⑥Lecong Steel Trade Association of Shunde District, Foshan City

⑦Tianjin Metal Materials Industry Association

⑧Residential park


①American Concrete Institute

②Argentina Green Building Council

③BIM Academy

④BIM Community

⑤Building SMART Malaysia

⑥Container Traders and Innovators Association

⑦Continental Automated Buildings Association

⑧Estonian Woodhouse Association

⑨Green Prefab

⑩Hong Kong Green Building Council

⑪Master Builders Association Malaysia

⑫National Association of Steel-Framed Housing Inc.

⑬National Precast Concrete Association Australia


⑮prefab AUS

⑯Vietnam Green Building Council

⑰Vietnam’s Association of Construction Contractors

⑱World Architecture Community

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