The 2nd International Conference on Modular Integrated Housing (Architecture) Technology and Application
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1.Forum Background

The industrialization of construction is the development trend of China's future construction industry to realize industrial transformation and upgrading., and modular integrated housing is an important part of construction industrialization and a reflection of terminal products.

After nearly 50 years of development, modular integrated houses have reached a high level of market development in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. In recent years, modular integrated houses have also developed rapidly in China. They have the advantages of rapid installation, excellent comfort, attractive appearance, and convenient turnover. They are widely used in temporary construction, such as construction sites, commercial services, holiday villas, etc.

This symposium, by inviting well-known domestic and foreign experts and companies to discuss and share from the perspectives of industry policies, industry environment, technology nodes, business models, etc., provides a clearer development status and future development path for the industry, thus triggering the thinking of the employees of the broader industry, providing guidance and reference for the rapid and healthy development of the modular integrated housing (building) industry.

2.Forum time

August 13, 2020: Full-day check-in / Expert mini-salon / Evening Guest Dinner

August 14, 2020: All-day Main Forum Discussion

August 15, 2020: Half-day discussion for 3 major forums (innovative development of modern wood-structured buildings + application of modular and integrated buildings in the field of civil and public construction + discussion of application of modular and integrated buildings in rural areas and cultural tourism projects)

3.Who will participate


Relevant government departments, international organizations, engineering design and research institutes, architectural design offices, scenic area management departments, tourist resorts, project development and consulting, real estate developers, general construction contracting, professional contracting, building materials, machinery, prefabrication component factory, component production equipment, etc.


The corporate decision makers, senior management, experts, scholars and individuals in engineering design and consulting engineering technology, sales market procurement industry.

4.Agenda of the main forum (August 14)

①Green low-energy prefabricated integrated housing products

②Research and application of Hong Kong in the field of modular construction

③Thinking on the development of integrated modular building

④Introduction to the integrated product system of residential industrialization in stagnant water

⑤Digital future under flash mode

⑥R & D and practice of building decoration integrated removable Sales Department

⑦Present situation and future development of modern wood structure buildings

⑧Modular architectural design and high performance housing construction: a case study of industrialization team in school of architecture, Southeast University

⑨Focus on the green development of buildings and start the new reform of prefabricated decoration

⑩R & D and application of modular building innovation technology

⑪Application and demonstration of innovative technology in prefabricated building

⑫Construction Intelligence

5.Agenda of the main topics of the sub-forum (August 15)

①Sub-forum 1: Innovation and development of wood (bamboo) structure building

②Sub-forum 2: Application of modular and integrated buildings in civil and public construction fields

③Sub-forum 3: Discussion on the Application of Modular and Integrated Architecture in Rural and Cultural Tourism Projects

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