How to choose artificial turf? How to maintain artificial turf?
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Artificial lawn products are full of beautiful things in eyes, but the quality of artificial turf is uneven, the quality of artificial turf at different prices is not the same, so according to their own needs to choose the right artificial turf is very important, let us know how to distinguish artificial turf.

How to choose artificial turf

1. Observe the shape of grass silk:

There are more kinds of grass silk, U-shaped, M-shaped, rhombus, stem, stem and so on. The larger the width of the straw, the more material. If the grass silk plus stem, that upright shape, resilience is better. The higher the cost, of course. This kind of lawn is usually more expensive. The consistency, smoothness and lack of random silk indicates that the grass silk has good elasticity and toughness.

2. Look at the bottom:

If the back of the lawn is black and looks a bit like linoleum, it's generic butadiene gum, if it's green and looks like leather, it's the more upscale SPU glue. If the bottom cloth and gum looks thicker, it generally means that the material is more, the quality is relatively good, it looks thin, the quality is relatively poor. If the back is evenly coated with glue, the color is consistent, and there is no leakage of grass silk primary color, the quality is better, thin and thick uneven, there is color difference, leakage of grass silk primary color, that the quality is relatively poor.

3. Feel the straw silk:

Generally, when people touch the grass silk, they should see whether the grass silk is soft or not. They feel that the soft and comfortable lawn is good. But the opposite is true. A soft, comfortable lawn is a bad lawn. Want to know, the lawn in daily use is to step with the foot, rarely take skin direct contact, hard grass silk just rigid and powerful, there is greater resilience and toughness, will not step on the ground, step on a long time on the broken. It is very easy to make grass silk soft, but it is very difficult to make straight and high spring, which really needs high technology and high cost.

4. Pull out resistance rate:

One of the most important technical indexes of lawn is the resistance rate of lawn, which can be measured by the method of pulling straw. Use your fingers to clamp a tufted grass silk, pull out hard, can’t pull out completely, generally is the best, Sporadic pull out, the quality is also good, If the force is not much, you can pull out more silk grass, the basic quality is relatively poor. An adult SPU gum lawn should be completely impossible to pull out with 80% of the force. Generally, butylbenzene can shed a little bit, which is the most visible quality difference between the two gum.

5. Test elasticity of pressed straw:

Put the lawn flat on the table and press it with your palm. If the grass silk can bounce back to its original shape obviously after releasing the palm, it indicates that the grass silk has good elasticity and toughness, and the more obvious the better quality. Weigh the lawn for a few days or more, then let it dry in the sun for two days to see how well it recovers its original shape.

6. Torn back:

Both hands will lawn vertical grasp up, like tearing paper to tear the back, can not tear at all, must be the best, the harder to tear, the better, Easy to tear. Definitely not good. generally, SPU gum is almost impossible to tear under 80% adult force. Butyl benzene gum can tear a little bit, and this is one of the differences you can see.

How to maintain the artificial turf

1, the cooling

Climate in the summer heat, the artificial turf surface temperature is higher, it will not like natural grass can absorb heat to the cooling effect, after all, artificial turf is PE polyethylene material, instead of artificial turf will add heat effect after high temperature exposure, playing at such a high temperature environment is simple for athletes physical discomfort and then drop the competition quality and taste. Therefore, lowering the surface temperature of artificial turf is an important process of summer protection. Now, it is generally used to reduce the temperature by watering the lawn. This method is relatively useful so far. Water is poured into the field to cool the surface before a professional league match. But spray must be uniform and not too much, spray to the site can be wet.

2, cleaning

All kinds of waste will inevitably occur in the football field, whether it is artificial turf or natural turf sites need to be cleaned, if simply floating ash dust, then natural rain can be clean. But there are also a lot of plastic waste, paper, peel and other waste needs to be sorted and cleaned clean. Therefore, it is necessary to include regular cleaning in the operation of football field protection.

3, drainage

Summer is dry, dry season are usually have between 4 - October, especially in south China region's dry season especially fierce, more heavy rain weather, so the artificial turf drainage system has a great influence, generally in the light rain no obvious influence to fake grass place, whether man-made lawn in built in drainage system, combined with the lawn back with drainage holes, the average light rain will not impact on artificial turf formation, in half an hour can basically clear place in water. However, in summer, there is often a heavy rain, so that the drainage of the hole in the lawn is not so fast, which will form the lawn engulfed by the flood, rubber particles and quartz sand are washed away, resulting in severe damage to the lawn. Therefore, artificial turf protection and drainage are essential in summer.

4, dehumidification

We all know that the summer air humidity is big, especially in the south area, relative humidity are very high, man-made lawn is commonly known as PE plastic raw materials, the fiber in the larger environment relative humidity is simple reproduction and the reproduction of algae, if algae breeding, will make the place became very slippery, easy to form athletes in sports process fall injury. So how to dehumidify has become a big problem for many builders. Dehumidification is also an important part of summer artificial turf protection!

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